About Us & Our History

Property Plus Queensland Pty Ltd is a family owned business that was founded by Lex and Nikki Davies.

Lex's lenghty history in real estate is what sparked the formalisation of PPQ. 

Over a decade ago, Lex started as a real estate agent selling established houses. In time, Lex also directed his efforts into investors and investment properties. He conducted home-held meetings and helped others to become educated in the area of wealth creation through investing in the property market. 

Furthermore Lex worked with a number of independent Developers, Builders and sold their product around the greater area of Brisbane. He discovered the missing link. A developer independent to the Builder who was independent to the Sales Guy. There was no one-stop-shop bringing the project together. Alas the idea of PPQ - the link!

Lex and Nikki made dreams a reality, hit the ground running and started their own company.

PPQ commenced with humble beginnings, but has continued to grow, adapt and flourish as a business.  Amongst PPQ's growth the company has continued the personal touch and experience. 

Our repeated business is the result of helping our clients realise their best opportunity, not just selling them a "product ".

Property Plus - meaning more than just the property itself, but realising all the potentials in it.  



If you are considering improving your property by developing, renovation or even selling ... CONTACT US  today!
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