Land Developments 

Property Plus Queensland Pty Ltd have assisted in a number of land developments in Brisbane's northern suburbs and have extended throughout Queensland.

We particularly seek clients who want to develop via existing blocks that can be further sub-divided or split etc.

This method creates land opportunities for new dwellings within the inner city areas whereas suburbs are already established and thriving, hence very attractive to Buyers. 


 Our Approach

When a potential land development is introduced we asses the factors surrounding the block that would in turn affect the development. For instance, sewer lines, water connections etc. We also determine other items that are required in the development such as Council Contributions, Civil Engineers, QUU Applications, Town Planners, Demolition etc. 

With the clients ambitions for the land and surrounding factors in mind, we put forward an estimated budget and tailored proposal to our clients. 

From here, we act as the middle man and make a course of action, removing the overhead of stress and time from our clients shoulders. We liaise with the relevant third parties including the Town Planners, Engineers, Demolition crew confirming the agenda and costs involved. 

Throughout the course of the development process, we openly communicate with our clients with regular updates and direct traffic between all parties involved. 


Development Projects

We have experience in:

  • DA Development Projects
  • Widow Blocks / Boundary Re-Alignment
  • Traditional Building Character Overlay Blocks
  • Land Sub-Divisions
  • Knock Down & Rebuild Projects
  • Sloping Block Projects
  • Overland Flow Projects
  • Renovation Projects
  • Other land factors - Sewer line, stormwater etc.

Below - Photos from a PPQ development in Bald Hills (north Brisbane) in 2016. 



Selling and/or Building on the Developed Land


Property Plus Queensland is a licenced Real Estate Agency, which enables us to list and sell land we have assisted to develop. Having the background knowledge on the block of land is certainly a plus when selling!

We also work closely with a range of Builders and can put Buyers or Land Owners in the right direction if they are considering building a new home on the land we have helped to develop. Our background knowledge of the land gives us the upper hand in working with the Builder and coming up with the perfect new house design for the block.

We pride ourselves on being a one-top-shop when developing property!

For more information on building or selling, please refer to our  Building - New Homes tab or our Selling Property tab.  


If you are considering improving your property by developing, renovation or even selling ... CONTACT US  today!
We would love to partner with you to reach your property ambitions!