Successful Double Block Sale

T. Reimer , 05 Feb 2018

I have now had the pleasure of dealing with Lex and the Property Plus Team.  Property Plus has aided me in the sale of 2 lots of vacant land.

There were a few issues with the blocks so therefore all previous real estate agents failed to achieve any results.  Lex, having a vast knowledge of building was able to come up with multiple solutions to encounter the problems on the blocks, and in doing so was able to pass this on in house and land packages, instead of the agents approach (here is a block of dirt buy it).  He has been the key instrument in the sale of these blocks.  Lex has also been a great help with a few complications I have received after both sales have gone through. I can not speak highly enough of the team at Property Plus.

 My Advise,

                If you are selling land RING Lex,

                If you are selling a house RING Lex,

                If you are buying a house to renovate RING Lex,

                If you are building a new house Ring Lex,

                If you are doing any thing with property JUST RING Lex.